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“guyMystique” as shown here on this website and and on/at other venues is the creation of Geoff LaPlace, a copy writer from Boston and San Francisco.  Since the original concept was formed there is now a team of “guyMystique writers” supporting the original concepts and taking them further.

The thoughts and views expressed here do not necessarily represent the personal views of any of the writers, but are written for the purpose of creating thought about different subjects looking at them from a different angle or light.  As you can see, our site artwork reflects a dark night with a full moon reflecting on choppy waters.  Our different angles are rather tangential to most politically correct viewpoints, yet our earnest hope is to be a catalyst in changing men and relationships in tomorrows’ society.

If you would like to contact us about our writing, or about your thoughts and your writing, we would like to hear from you.  Email us at:  guyMystique@gmail.com

If you haven’t heard back from us in five business days, then your email probably went into our spam.  We suggest emailing again.  If all else fails, phone us at one of our corporate numbers 888.424.4430

Some writing sites have disclaimers that “This story bears no resemblance to any person or place”.  In our case we hope that half the population of this world can see just a little bit of themselves in our articles and it causes some thought and reflection about their lives, loves, and relationships.  It would also be nice if they found some humor in it.

Please join us in this bold new venture of bringing every “Guy’s Life” back to the forefront of topic and humor it so deserves.

We offer articles, discussions and the humor surrounding men and relationships. Our tips and advice on being a better husband or boyfriend are for your entertainment and we hope to help you better understanding your relationship situation.

Thank you,

Geoff LaPlace


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Written by: guyMystique - Sharing the thoughts, lives and loves of guy as he travels thru the ethereal mass called life. To see more of guyMystique's musings and articles, check out the Author's box in the right column. Contact "guy" at: guyMystique at gmail.com