Jun 012010

Imperfection has it's costs, but we get snacks afterward !

We all know us guys have certain traits that others, like women whom we are trying to attract, might count as “a slight ‘detraction’ from our overall outstanding score as a great catch”.

Why do we have those little ‘defects’?  Simple, if we didn’t, then woman would find us irresistible and just fall all over themselves making wrong decisions in choosing men.  Worded another way, our little defects help women make better decisions.  Sort of nature’s natural selection process preventing our guy-perfectness from causing women to throw themselves weak-kneed into our arms.  So logical, isn’t it.

Of course there are several schools of thought on the subject: “Why do us men never seem to repair the defects” that would so easily change our dating score.  My basic thought is that “If we thought it was that important, we’d change…”.  Now obviously there is some disconnect between what “we guys actually think is wrong with us” and “what others choose to believe is wrong with us” …and there just never seems to be a discussion about it where us guys seem to win.  Ergo guys make no change because we do not believe the changes would actually make that much difference, and we don’t discuss it because the outcome is always “but why can’t you see you need to change that…”.

It should be noted that this is probably NOT the first breakdown in communication men have had with women.  However, as guys, we are willing to work with any interested party (our girlfriend) to try on new clothes, wear our hat straighter, laugh less boisterously, and other small acts of change, in order to avoid conflict and thus have a happier relationship.  See how easy it is!

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