Apr 072012

Thoughts while walking the beach and finding this tiny bit of someone else’s life. From the “Musings of Men” files, we bring you some simple thoughts. We begin…

A floating lipstick kiss left in her wake and caught in time. A simple moment for romance… As guys, are we nuts? Is the mere suggestion of a woman in an intimate moment enough to cause a pause in our thoughts?

Yet for her, I am sure this was a much smaller ‘moment in passing’ and certainly considerably less intimate. Something that happens for her every day, a simple ‘beauty task’ accomplished without a thought …on the way to work, or a quick freshen up before a weekend walk on the beach.

Maybe I have made a discovery of unexplainable importance. I can think of so many ‘mindless guy musings’ and possible interpretations that this windblown bit of trash has triggered: the wind, this beach, this Kleenex, the color of the lipstick, …all leading back to her lips. Yet to her, this may be just an application of ‘sun block 45 in red’. A quick swish onto the lips, a quick blot with the Kleenex, done! …just before a gust of wind takes it onto my path, into to my realm.

Well, enough of this exploration of a fantasy created from a fleeting bit of trash windblown across today’s path. Enough of coming up with some Anthropological backwards reasoning of this so called ‘object d’art’ found in time, …my time.

Yet that is what it’s about, being thankful that these wonderful bits of sensuality were obviously meant for me, for my personal pleasure. Like why else would I come across it were it not so fated by a casual casting of the Runes.

As guys we receive so many inputs like this through our day that we can only be thankful for these gifts of art which create the smallest of musings in our simple minds. Nobody knows how hard it is being a guy, so many distractions. We shall call them Art, and we certainly appreciate Art …everyday!
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