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We all know the time honored saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Well, I don’t think so! I subscribe to “One man’s trash is another man’s trash”. Lets have some integrity here about us as humans: “Who really wants what other people don’t want…”.

This caused me to wonder if the clutter in my place was actually Trash (god forbid!) or Treasure (of course… that’s why I’m saving it).

Is my clutter actually a state of mind I am trying to maintain, like some half-digested hobby or project “on hold sitting there at the ready” waiting to be started again or filed away for posterity. Or maybe Clutter is like an unmade bed, comfortable but messy, but “my messy”.

The dictionary defines clutter as “A confused or disordered state or collection; a jumble; (things) spread in a disorderly manner.”  OK for words, but I wonder what clutter is “personally to those who made it”?  “Sure “other peoples clutter” is clutter, yet “my clutter is great thoughts and important objects in transition.”

Maybe my clutter is actually part of my personal definition, those frayed links to “past doings” and “future dreams”.   And if I have “clutter”, like it’s some ailment, does that mean: “I am slovenly?”  Maybe that’s why facing my clutter and dealing with it is so personal.

More likely it’s my “Scream for independence!”  My statement to the world I have flaws I will deal with tomorrow, for my life today is too short for such trivial mess. Sounds good to me, but my friends see through this diversion.

My remedy:  I called in the the clutter experts, my Clutter Coach Kathy.  Her byline is “We’re dedicated to helping you love yourself just the way you are…”.  Now that’s calling in the experts that can help my clutter situation.  My clutter situation (today) is solved. I shall make more, it’s in my DNA, and then I shall choose help or “Do-it-myself”.

So I have devised a test to determine our relationship with clutter and when to call in the experts.  A low score means you need outside help, a high score not only deals with clutter but also reveals many things about yourself. Choose One (1) from the list below:

  1. My heart palpitates at “just the thought” of dealing with this!
  2. I asked a friend to help me pick up my clutter, we put everything in one of two boxes: “Trash” and “Save”.  When my friend left I dumped the boxes back out into the same jumbled cluttered mess as before. Way too stressful for me right now!
  3. Same procedure as above with my friend, but now all the boxes are beside my chair in the kitchen or living room “pending the next inspired action” of dealing with this. There’s always tomorrow …sigh!
  4. I hired an Organizing Professional and now my place is clean. I am seeking therapy for all the half-projects I never finished, but now the clutter is only in my mind!
  5. Sure – bring the Organizing Professional in – I’ll rent a leaf-blower and a dumpster.  A new dawn’s coming – I feel freedom!

In closing, remember, sooner or later you will move or die, and all that clutter will end up in one of two boxes… make the decision now!

Me putting my foot down for “cleanliness is next to godliness”, a laugh out loud at materialism, …I move on 🙂

Written by: guyMystique - Sharing the thoughts, lives and loves of guy as he travels thru the ethereal mass called life. To see more of guyMystique's musings and articles, check out the Author's box in the right column. Contact "guy" at: guyMystique at gmail.com

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  1. Very interesting and funny blog. I especially like the test you created and, let me tell you how many people do just that! So, take a deep breath, call in the experts and relax.

  2. So Guy, if I get this right, if I still have clutter and I love my clutter. Am I am fulfilled?

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