Jun 092010

Art by Peter Kohlsaat

Why are we so quiet when it comes to relationships?  Why do guys not want to “talk it out” and communicate how they really feel?

We seem to be able to be quite boisterous and outrageous when it suits us.  We are certainly not afraid to throw our opinion out there at the coffee shop or pub.  At other times we celebrate scream and dance like cavemen on fermented berries.

So what is it about our silence when talking to women about relationships?  Does our silence really mean we have no input on this?

In asking around, one group of collective thoughts points out that “most of those issues” are about what’s wrong with us or how we could improve on something we are doing around the house or about some unresolved argument or verbal faux-pas we made needs to be discussed just before bedtime…

But still, we’ve got to work these things out …so what is it …the reason we just don’t state what we think in a calm smooth voice?

I don’t know, but if you have any input, share it… unlocking this could be equal to unlocking the “secrets of the pyramids”…

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