Jun 242013

Picture a party, or just a bunch of couples getting together over someone’s house.  At a certain point, the men seem to drift off somewhere while the women seem to congregate in the kitchen, dining room or living room.  All is normal, the women gather, share stories and gossip while the men gather and…  Who knows?  It is secret knowledge men only reveal as ‘we didn’t talk about much of anything’ and ‘I don’t remember’.  However, can this be true as usually loud male laughter can be heard with other loud banter echoing across the party house?

What guy’s talk about on Backyard Mystique will never be repeated to anyone
So that is the question.  Just what are those discussions men are having out there in the backyard or garage?  It is a question wondered about by many women.  Of course, we guys are pretty sure they wouldn’t want to actually be there with us when we are all talking, but we are pretty sure they might be curious to have a little look-in just to see what worldly conversations of great import we actually are having.

So through the magic of modern recording equipment, we have set out to capture some of these conversations and bring them to you through our episodes of Backyard Mystique.  Now to be fair to our camera crew and editors, they have found it to be quite a challenge to interpret the guy banter, phrases and musings into some coherent form of either entertainment or anthropological study.  So please bear with us as we move forward, for most men with any brains left have learned it is best not to be the one who records their most intimate thoughts only to have a loved one or partner take that comment too seriously.

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