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Beards, mustaches, goatees and soul patches – that’s right gentlemen, we’re talking facial hair. In the past, we’ve seen its popularity fluctuate; towards the beginning of the 20th century, a man was expected to be clean shaven and baby smooth, but as we entered into the 70’s, it was common to come across a man with more beard than face. Nowadays men are at a loss as to what the social norm truly is. What is the acceptable amount of facial hair? Or the question I’m sure more guys are asking themselves: “What do I have to do with this stuff on my face in order to get more women?”What do women think of a little scruff?

Well as a woman, I can tell you one thing: the ladies are attracted to a man who truly looks like a man. Let me elaborate; Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, David Beckham – what do they all have in common? Well for one thing, your girlfriend, her female friends, your sister and probably your mom all practically faint at the sight of them but for another thing, they also all have scruff.

For a second opinion, please refer to the following definition of “Scuff” provided to you by Urban Dictionary:

“The ultimate quintessence of Manliness. Imagine an epic battle between ravaging lumberjacks, aggravated pirates, diseased warrior pigeons, zombie Hockey-Bears, etc. Now multiply that clusterf*** by the value of “Ninjasaurus Rex” and apply the aftermath of the situation to a man’s face. What do you get? The vehement forest of unkempt hair known as the beard.”

I know what you’re thinking – “But women are always complaining about No-Shave November!” You’re right, we do, but that’s because men use it as an excuse to let their facial hair get raggedy and out of control or worse, choose to shave ridiculous shapes into it. Yeah good luck with that, we’ll see you in December

I think the thing that makes scruff so attractive to women is the fact that it’s not a full on beard, but just enough to make you look like a man. Clean cut is a little bit too far on the “safe” side where as a full on beard can fall anywhere between a scene from Sons of Anarchy to borderline homeless person status. The scruff is just right and we can’t resist it.

Now we want to know what you think: have you ever noticed the females in your life gravitate more towards a man who embraces the scruff? If you’re a man who has dabbled in all styles of facial hair, we want to hear from you. Reply to this post and let us know which one has brought you the most success over the years.

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  1. if you name it i have within reason done it with my beard, its had varrying degrees of success for me with women in the past but at 31 my finacee has seen me with alot of beard or like i have it now with some manacured sideburns and a beatnick goatee ala james hetfield and she loves me no matter what

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