Jun 012010
Men's Self-help

The original self-help guy – and he even makes us laugh.

Guys generally show no unquenched thirst for more knowledge about themselves. We’re comfortable with ourselves, mostly due to our unique ability not to find ourselves naturally defective in some area. IF we have defects, odd nicknames, or do dumb things, we have our guy friends to remind us of our own stupidity.  Guys don’t go around thinking of ways to make other guys feel better… we just don’t.

Basically, there just isn’t that much to talk about relative to “us being us”.  The closest thing to self-help books for guys are “Do Something Books” covering personally-satisfying challenges such as “add a deck in one weekend” or “buy & install new speakers in your truck”.  If you’re a guy and want to feel good – build a deck, play hard rock, and run and jump, ride that mountain bike over a cliff… pretty simple stuff really.

Yet for Les Femmes, they have whole aisles in Barnes & Noble just to deal with their mothers, their fathers, their children, their mother-as-themselves, their depressing dating experiences, why they’re fat, why they’re thin, why they don’t need men, why they attract men who don’t need them …and endless variations on those themes. Hec, women even have the entire magazine rack in every supermarket check-out aisle devoted to helping them find love, and manage their weight, or stories about women who failed to find men or manage weight and are now on their way to hell based upon the cover story photos.

For us guys, self-help is a pamphlet on a dusty shelf in a dark aisle titled “You’re OK even if you can’t build a deck”… Are their depressing books and magazines things guys can buy?

So, “Why am I reading this” you ask?  Now that I have painted a picture of how our lives are actually very simple and happy, what is the ‘mystique of the guy’.  Well, on the surface it could be said that there is no mystique.  We are simple, rather uncomplicated biologically, and I hear that we only want three things.  I suggest to you that there is a certain guyMystique and it belongs to the eye of the beholder and not the guy himself.  Yet, as we live in a world of these believers of guyMystique, we must go along with this.

So today’s lesson is:  it’s not what people know about guys, it’s what they think they don’t know that makes the guyMystique.  Therefore there actually IS a certain “guy mystique” and just maybe it doesn’t depress us – it actually makes us laugh.

(guyus Humanus)

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