Oct 242013

Halloween will be here before we know it, and soon the streets will be swarming with costumed kids begging for candy. Music will be pumping throughout houses and apartments, as people throw what are arguably the most enjoyable parties of the year. Masked strangers will make out in cramped corners. Scantily clad vixens will drop to dub step. Ghosted-up bros will toast to the kind of sex that will haunt you for the rest of your life. There will be weed, ecstasy and a smorgasbord of other drugs and hallucinogens. Either you have the greatest time of your life or the worst, but there’s no in-between. That’s a good thing, right? You should never linger in in-betweens. It’s a sick, sorry way to live, which is why Halloween is the greatest of holidays; it may also be the most masculine.

Much like a hardcore partyer’s drug level, Halloween is a combination of many elements, many of which are Celtic beliefs. Samhain/Calan Gaeaf, for instance, signified the end of harvest time and the beginning of colder temperatures. It was believed that the souls of the dead revisited their homes, their old stomping grounds. At this time, fairies – those conniving little thingies – would also cross into this realm. There’s one problem with both scenarios – dead souls and fairies can (and will) cause harm. They needed to be warded off, so bonfires would be lit and groups gathered. It would be a fight to the 14503261_Sdeath…against death. How heroic and oh so manly sounding!

To Ward means to keep guard and Halloween therefore is the holiday of keeping guard against, well, the forces of the unknown. You need to stay on your feet, be alert and always be prepared for what might come around that corner, because it could be some three-eyed minotaur huffing and puffing, ready to fling dagger-like fairies at you and your friends, hungry for the vestal thigh sweat of a doe-eyed college coed drunk on too many monster-tainted mixed drinks and walking around without a care in the world.  But seriously, Halloween is about vigilance; it’s not about partying. It’s a war out there! A war against the unknown! A masculine foray into the mysteries of the universe, a dance of death inside the beating hearts of shadowy and mischievous demigods! Defend, parlay, attack, conquer…repeat!

Although we may dress up in funny costumes, the most important clothes to wear are your most masculine ones.

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