Feb 252012

It’s late. I am falling asleep, but I can’t get to sleep.  I could sheep, but the part of my head that is still awake wants more.

Movies in my mind, complete with short trailers of each of today’s happenings.  Maybe if I am lucky my next dream will be a ‘new release’ of desired events to come.  My mind struggles to bring up an image, a thought, something …anything that I would like to fall asleep to.

Then it happens.  I am nodding off in that delightful ‘nether-nether land’ of half awake, half in a dream of ‘her’ …my watery Mistress.  She joins me in a plasma of a seemingly endless streams of thought, I have a dream I want to fall asleep to.  I am thankful.

In the morning, I shall come awake and crawl upward, gasping for another day of “air”, leaving her watery presence which I hope to find again another day…

Repeat daily for continued sanity.


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