Jun 062013
Determination yields Exceptional Results

Determination yields Exceptional Results

Some say:  “That guy is Living his dream”…  I say that is almost a little passive as a dream sounds so pleasurable and ‘not particularly much work’.  In Cheyne Wall’s case, I would say he is living his Goal.

From guyMystique’s sister network Sport City Chefs comes interview with Cheyne Walls, an athlete turned photographer, and how his vision and on-target focus with true ‘guy determination’ led him to the world success he has today.  Actually, this article could be called “Determination yields Exceptional Results”.  A phrase we can talk about, but he walks the talk.

Visit his website to see the rest of his art and you will see in every picture the raw number of hours, days and sometimes weeks he lays in waiting for nature to build the scene worthy of him taking ‘the best shot’.

Our interviewer, Carolyn Fisher, is herself a world athlete who competes in Arm Wrestling and publishes the Arming Champions website

In this hour long interview we can see how great photographers may attend great photography schools as he attended, Brooks Institute of Photography but still need that clear concentrated vision and drive to get the picture he wants.

For my DAILY THOUGHT:  I listened to his interview with rapt attention on his youth and clarity.  On his website, as I see his artwork, I can just feel how long he waited for the perfect moment.  It is inspiring.

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Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CheyneWalls

Written by: Angel - Angel writes from a commitment perspective. She has published articles and books and appeared at civic events.

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