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Imagine the scenario: you’re a boy sitting in a classroom. At first, it seems like the typical sort of classroom you’d see in any school – desks, a blackboard, maybe a class pet. However, there’s something different with this classroom. You see, this classroom oozes masculinity. It’s not a classroom meant for math, science or English, but rather a classroom for masculinity. Yes, masculinity. In this classroom, boys are taught how to be boys, how to be men, how to harness their masculine traits so they’re not snuffed out, so they’re not sent to that purgatory where unused traits go. This classroom is special; it comes equipped with masculine teachers.

This may seem like some dystopian plot to a sci-fi novel, but it’s happening in China, where male students studying to become teachers are also trained to teach young Chinese boys masculine traits – how to be men, that is. The reason for this is that Chinese officials feel that there’s a masculinity crisis in the nation’s education system. You see, most Chinese teachers are female and many in the country feel this is having a negative impact on the development of boys so to avert all-out testosterone catastrophe, the country has begun to institute masculinity teachers and all-boys classes, including all-boys kindergarten classes where they are taught bravery, courage, a sense of responsibility and more.12144898_S

In the article, “Masculinity school opened for Shanghai kindergarteners,” Xu Hui – one school’s female principal – said, “On the first day during a new school year, most of the children who are crying were boys. Besides, boys need more time to adapt themselves to a new environment compared to girls. Unlike girls, boys need more physical activities they can do with their hands.” This includes miniature versions of different sports to play with, a small sand battlefield with soldiers and kung-fu lessons. Thus far, the class seems to be working, as the boys do seem embracing a sense of chivalry. Will this create Chinese men that are more masculine than their American counterparts are? Only time will tell.

It seems that there’s a masculinity crisis going on worldwide, but what do you think? Are masculinity teachers the way to go? It’s hard to envision such a scenario in America where such a class or program would cause such outrage amongst parents and social groups. Perhaps in 20 years or so, the average Chinese man will be able to beat the crap out of the average American man. Well, that’s somewhat depressing.


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