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Cosmo June 2010

This is not about us guys knowing 75 ways to have sex, but really about “Our girlfriends thinking that we actually do know 75 ways to have sex!”  Talk about setting unrealistic expectations in our women about men.  Or even worse, that “we men have this hidden knowledge but aren’t telling …or even worse: doing!!” right now.  Wow, from a guy’s point of view, this information may rival the ‘Secrets of the Pyramids’.

And if her having this belief isn’t enough, she now has these beliefs “without you even opening your mouth”!   The concept of ‘guy’ + ‘mystique’ is coming together.   The mystique not in the ‘guy’ at all, it is in the ‘eyes of the beholder’, i.e. your girlfriend.

So as you read this, she’s probably looking at your picture and thinking/dreaming that once you two get married you will unleash this hidden knowledge, and she will be ecstatic the rest of her life, by you of course!  She equates this ‘knowledge of you pleasing her’ you to ‘a year round flower garden’ plus a lifetime pass at the ‘magic waters health spa’…  Amazing, sign me up too!

Of course if she’s read the article then there’s always the immediate question:  ‘if you had sixty-nine other ways to have sex why haven’t you used them yet?’  No problem as she knows you have ‘guyMystique’ and that she has yet to scratch the surface of your magical sensual ways …oh you secret master you.

Now “who really cares” about all these false beliefs and mystique?  Generally, not guys!  Evidence:  Follow the money – I see men’s magazines featuring “How to install a sub-woofer in the bed of your pickup truck” or “reviews of the 20 best digital …”.  Titles like Rock Climbing Digest, NASCAR news, Kung-Fu Gamer, and on.  Yes, there is no visible evidence of books or articles teaching men the ways of the ‘WuWu Love Warrior’.  Pleading ignorance of this knowledge doesn’t work anymore as the articles and books being published for women go way beyond ‘he’s a good kisser and he can grill a burger on a deck he built’.

There are reasons for this though.  Mostly we guys really don’t thirst for “self-correction knowledge”.  If Sales of Men’s Self-Help books are any indication, men are just not seeking self-correction through the manual learning process – so “How do men learn?”

I asked this question of a friend of mine, a computer programmer.  He said he doesn’t read those men’s self-help books because learning how he could be a better guy was just too depressing.  Humorously he added that “his girlfriend does all the self-correcting he needs”.  He equated her ‘correctional behavior’ to a computer program designed to make him a better man without any input or effort on his part.  He even gets coordinated clothes advice.  When I asked him about the personal “cost” of this behavioral attunement, he said “What cost? I come out ahead no matter what.  She’s happy and I get more enlightened each year”.

So by a grand consensus, this is just Not a problem a problem for us guys.  Sorry I brought it up.  I’ll go into the calming room right now and meditate on the Jade tree growing a new leaf.

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