Jun 132013
Father's Day Gift Ideas

Isn’t love all when need anyway? Well Dad needs some too

With father’s day fast approaching, time is running out to think of the perfect gift.

However, most dads don’t want their kids to spend a lot of money on them, and we know that having extra cash for gifts is a luxury hard working men don’t have. Despite this, there are several ways that you can still pull off being the favorite son without breaking the bank.
There are two gifts you should give this father’s day, one is the tradition gift given when you are all together over the weekend, the other is a surprise gift you should give him in the next week.
What’s the surprise gift?   Well, think of all the things that your dad usually still pays for when he’s with you.  For example, if he always insists on buying dinner, buy him dinner.  Go for a ride with him on the way to the restaurant and pay for his gas.  Whatever it was, give him some of that kindness back.  He will be astounded, and also know he has raised a good son, one as generous to family as he is.
For the perfect gift to give on the weekend, start with a few of the basic things that you know your dad likes. For instance, if he enjoys beer or liquor, get him a bottle of his favorite stuff. If he has a favorite restaurant in town, maybe get him a gift card that the whole family can enjoy. Better yet, you could purchase some of his favorite foods at the local grocery store and put together a home cooked meal yourself.
Beyond food and drinks, other options include a new set of sporting gear, a new album from his favorite band, or even a night out at the movies to see a film he’s been looking forward to. No matter what you choose, remember that it’s not the cost of the gift that matters. If you get something you know he cares about, it will make his entire day. In the end, the time you spend together will be the only thing that matters anyway.


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