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Get out of the house

Get out of the house

Hey Guys, the tribal call …Beer!  Babes!  Food!  …and for married men, you’ll see other kids for your kids to look at, leaving you a nice family day out.  Now we know that the typical male does not specialize in a widely varied diet, nor can he find enough babes and food already cooked.  Look no further.  Guys, there’s a way to raise your batting average in the Food and Babes category by going to where the action is.  And your girlfriend loves these type of events.

How do you find these places?  Google “Food Festivals” and add your area/state to the search.  Voila, instant cool places to go with your date that’s also great fun, and humor, for both of you.  If you’re already married and have kids, double the reason to go, they have rides and the kids think they are at Disneyland.  Your lovely will be amazed that you found this great place to take a trip to, and the planning & date costs are pretty low.  That’s a path to fun. as dates love being with you when you’re having fun.

Summer food festivals are found throughout the country, and we’ve helped narrow down the selection to some of the biggest and most popular events across different regions that guys can dig into.  Here’s some details on a couple so you can see what to expect:

First up is Taste of Chicago. This festival actually began on Independence Day in 1980. Since then, it has become one of the best food festivals in country. Every year, the festival takes place in Grant Park, and it is free to get in. Visitors buy tickets that they exchange for different food and drinks they want to try. No matter what type of food you like, you are sure to find something tasty at this event. In fact, the festival offers more than 300 options, all of which come from local vendors and restaurants.

Or you can take part in the Taste of Buffalo in July. Not only is it one of the largest festivals in New York, but with close to 500,000 yearly attendees, the entire country. This event features food from more than 60 restaurants in the Buffalo area, and includes a diverse mix of options. For health-conscious festival goers, all of the participating restaurants feature a low calorie menu item.

If you happen to be on the west coast in August, stop by the San Francisco Street Food Festival. Although you may have heard of some of the famous food offered by street vendors in the area, it can be hard to track them all down. During this festival, they all gather in the same place, allowing you to sample the best of San Francisco’s food trucks. Yes, Food Trucks …after all, it is San Francisco guys.

So that’s it – get out of the house – I guarantee you will find Beer, Babes and Good Food.  And you’ll have a good time with your date or your best buds.

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