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About the humor on this site:

We are on the fringe. This site deals with relationships and guys… hmmph: not words frequently typed into google search by guys, but we exist anyway to shine the light on this mystique: Why don’t guys do more to get better relationships?  Why do they continue to do simple things that bug their girlfriends or wives such as: “not closing cupboard doors” or “not putting on your seat-belt first before you drive up the street”.  Doing that would just make so much sense, …at least to those who pay attention to these things.

This seemingly contradictory behavior is not an issue for most guys, but it seems to be an issue for others, …like our girlfriends or wives.  Possibly a phenomenon here: what seems to be normal in the eyes of some is not normal in eyes of others.

The second part of this is that “In the eyes of some, guys are very simple and only want three things.”  This view is predominantly held by people who date us.  I am pretty sure us guys don’t even think about this very deeply, nor do we seem to exhibit behavior of someone who was willing to change his behavior, style or even clothes to get more of these three things.

Thus there’s a little mystique to this, and the Mystique seems to be in the eyes of the beholder, Les Femmes, rather than in the guys themselves.  Thus “guyMystique” is born in many states of being to record,  study, exhibit and comment on this.

guyMystique’s medium for communicating this to others is by:  “the person/actor guyMystique” and/or “by the animated character guyMystique” and/or “by the writer guyMystique”.

Written by: guyMystique - Sharing the thoughts, lives and loves of guy as he travels thru the ethereal mass called life. To see more of guyMystique's musings and articles, check out the Author's box in the right column. Contact "guy" at: guyMystique at

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