Jun 202013

guy ’s talk on Backyard Mystique will never be repeated to anyone

It’s summer time. Time for those big family gatherings and lawn parties with friends. We’ve been to several of these already this year and we noticed a bit of a social phenomenon: men and women gather in groups. Groups of women seem to be found in the living room, dining room and kitchen, while the men seem to be ‘somewhere else’. Camera in hand, we decided to track the men down and record just what they were talking about.

To our surprise, when we joined the men’s groups with camera in hand, their conversations changed topics from women and humor to sports and politics. This is one of the hardest subjects we found to record. Men just don’t like to muse about other women on camera lest a woman they know watch the video and take those musings way too seriously. So we found that even among men with great bravado and gusto, none were hot about publishing any of their random thoughts lest they fall onto the wrong ears at a sensitive time.


So after our first two failed attempts to record men talking about women and relationships, we now consider this a challenge. Thus the creation of the series ‘Backyard Mystique’ where the men’s groups go, we will follow.

So in this episode – “Friends”, we gave it a shot. With deference to political correctness and truth, we march forward with some honest thoughts for your observation and consumption.

A side note: we know that if you asked a guy: “Just what do men talk about when they are hanging out together?” the answer would be “nothing”. We respect that.

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