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From “guyMystique’s point of view”:  having a girlfriend or partner means you must help her be the woman she is.  Supporting her in her environment, friends, and the values she has as a woman.  Put simply: “if she’s a fish you have to keep her swimming in fresh and happy waters”.   No use complaining she’s a fish, after all, it was you who went fishing…

Even if she’s not the woman you want, …unless you want to end the relationship and start all over by beginning “another endless search for the exact woman you want”, you need to add fresh water to your relationship tank, turn-up the bubbler, and get some fresh yummy food in your systems.  And remember, even if you throw her back, you will just go fishing again another day, and catch:  another Fish.

“Fish Sticks” by guyMystique

Two people in torment,
hot sticky love
Separately they burn
Together they simmer in a puddle of love.

Each of them is a hunter, he the fisherman finding food he loves
She the Mermaid living life she loves and searcher of adventure
They bait their social and physical hooks with irresistible treats
Both seek an adventure this day out on the water.

So nice a day to fish
So nice a day to be a fish
He paddling his boat and catching the rays
She leaping boundlessly thru free water and air.

Was that a nibble or a flirt on my baited line? the Fisherman asks
She feels the entanglement of the situation, the pull towards the boat
A relationship is formed, the two are scheduled to meet.
Shall I be the lover for dinner or dinner of my lover? she asks.

Fresh air and sunlight – life to some, end of freedom for this fish
Thoughts of fates race thru her mind:  finding love or finding catastrophe
A Mermaid on land to be saved and loved
Or bound and chained to become the new exhibit at the Relationship Zoo?

Once in the boat to the Fisherman she asks
“Oh man of strength, you have caught me at last
Shall I now join you in the life you live
Or you join me in the life I live?”

The Fisherman thought, and then felt despair
For he knew that Freedom was not hers to be found in the fisherman’s air.
To love a mermaid is precious for sure, but for it to work
The mermaid must be free to swim far from the shore.

For he knew from his past, it takes two to create
A working relationship which supports all who participate.
That to take the hand of this mermaid you see,
He must provide all the freedoms of the sea.

The lesson he learned today
Is that if you Fish for a Mermaid
Then you must make a place for the Mermaid to stay.
For it is a Mermaid you caught, not just another fish today.

Fish Sticks is about “ongoing love and keeping relationships fresh”.   You have captured the woman of your heart, but she is still a woman, and thus you care for her and she cares for you, each in your own way and realm.

Written by: guyMystique - Sharing the thoughts, lives and loves of guy as he travels thru the ethereal mass called life. To see more of guyMystique's musings and articles, check out the Author's box in the right column. Contact "guy" at: guyMystique at

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  1. Lover for dinner or versa ”vice”… Can’t we yawl just getta long? Take turns, leave some for the next guest, season to taste? Whose turn is it to play the fish tonight? Touche’e’….the magic squirmaid, the tender mama shark just tryin t feed th kids……BREATHE on, party yawn, sigh

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