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Communicating with our partners is a tricky subject at best. Here we are presenting a series of articles focused on moving your life towards having more fun with your partner together after work hours.  Note, you can do whatever you want in your Workplace, this first article is focused on how powerful the workplace is in our lives, and how accepting this fact can free us to find the energy to change our lives and our relationships in ways we want.

time at workFirst, just a brief review about us at work: It is the largest time commitment we have year to year.  From when we start getting ready for work in the morning until we get home at night, we are essentially ‘at work’.

Work is a world concept. You can add the word “Work” to almost any sentence and everyone understands the deeper meanings, no questions.  For example, you can say “I can’t get to the party on time because I have to work late” and people get how this higher-power in your life is controlling your sad fate.  Work is the all-powerful activity which seems to have priority over all other schedules in our lives.  We can argue, complain and protest, but in the end “Work Rules”.

Communication?  We do more at work than we do at home.  We spend all day talking with people who are paid to talk to us, about things we are paid to talk about. We even eat and take breaks with our coworkers every day.  This bonding to our work and coworkers is similar to that of soldiers on the same overseas tour – we’re all in this together.  In review of our how much communication we have per day, we should be so lucky as to have this much communication in our personal lives.

Thus, this Communication at Work must have an effect on our personal life.  If nothing else, it raises the level of effective communication we need with our partners to at least be equal with the quality of the two-way communications we have at work.

So let’s do a quick personal check in:

Happiness:  Am I happy with how I spend my time off from work?
Defining time:  Do I refer to my Free-time as it relates to my Work-time, i.e. “I’d like to go out tonight but I am tired after work.”
Defining myself:  Is the answer to the question: “What do you do?” really “where do you Work”?
Energy:  “Do you have energy to Create” after you come home from work?
Socializing:  Do you use it all up at work?  Do you have energy to create new social situations outside of work.
Reality:   If work is your Real life, is your off time is you Imaginary life,
Adjusting:  Do you need alcohol or drugs to adapt to your home life after your work life?
Control:  Do you have more control over your work life or your home life?

So, in conclusion, in order to go forward, “We must accept the Force”, the force that work has over our personal life.  It is what it is, and we took a long time making it this way.  So let’s not beat ourselves up over this situation and just move forward to make our time away from work better than it is now.

As we say in California “it’s all OK… accept it as the reality of the past and of your present”  To move forward, We must simply “define what we want and it shall come to Us”.  In particular to this method, “once you define it, you must then use energy Call-it into your space.  Particularly an empty space you created for it to come into”.

So here’s the homework for next week’s article:  Answer “Do I want a life outside of work?  Do I want to answer “What do you do?” with an answer “about Me rather than my employer?”

Stay tuned for our next article:  “He works She Works – Finding Me in the Relationship”   This is a fun series

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