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Looks like a perfect date to me, of course it hasn't ended yet.

Looks like a perfect date to me, of course it hasn’t ended yet.

So you’re trying to plan the perfect date, well a date involves action, both planning for and being on that date.  First, Planning works, and it is a must do, as it will prevent this date from turning into a comedy video.  Even if you don’t think of yourself as the most romantic guy in the world, or whether you have a long-term girlfriend or you are taking someone out for the first time, it is always important to do some research and planning. For example, get an idea for the types of places your date likes to go. She may have mentioned a type of food she’s been meaning to try or a new movie she’s been looking forward to. Use this information to your advantage, plan the date.  A good plan works wonders and lets you concentrate on the items below.

Second action is Think and Feel: What is a perfect date for her?  In her eyes, she hopes it’s you!  Now that we’ve got that straight, let’s look at some other items from her side. After all she is the one you are taking on a date.

  • Like we said…NOTE: that you are ‘taking her on a date’.  Get that concept and you are 60% there
  • She wants to know/feel that you’re just dying to go out with her and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else tonight than with her.
  • This date is her time off, her best time.  Complements about how she is ‘looking good tonight’ rather than talking sports, politics, or the latest in world news.  You want to make it romantic so if no subject arrives, talk about her hair, earrings, her look, her rings. Good heavens, she must have at least twenty-two different items on her to talk about, try it, with interest of course.
  • It’s not the location Of the date, it is the attention To your date that makes the night.
  • She wants to be swept off her feet.  Think about that guys.  Most men do not know the meaning of ‘swept off her feet’:   to us it means falling down, to her it means being carried away by her shining knight.  NOTE: size and weight may vary.
  • And last, she wants ‘time off from her everyday life’.    Translated that means she doesn’t want to think about anything but you two having fun.  Points deducted every time she has to consider prices, parking, baby sitters, or even what restaurant or movie.  Note: Reread ‘swept off her feet’ item above.
  • Bonus item:  Be decisive.  If the restaurant you pick seems too crowded or your date mentions they are in the mood for something else, act on it.

Tip:  Save this article on your cell phone for reference.  You will win a very happy woman! Guy says this works, comment back your perfect date outcome.

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