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Probably nothing.  At least until you heard again “What were You thinking!” from your mate. At that point you actually started to think …not about ‘what was I thinking’, but about what your answer to this question is going to be.  It doesn’t sound good.  Just what did you do?

Probably something you’ve done before a hundred times and never gave it much thought.  Or it was some involved mini-project using elaborate guy-logic to test some arcane theory to occupy an unused moment in space you had a few minutes ago.  Whatever “it” was, she’s digging for more info about something you don’t even have a clue about …and you’re starting to think ‘what’s really going on here and how am I going to deal with it?’

Bonus Note:  When she is angry, or is very serious, or wants a straight answer, the following actions do Not work:  smiling, laughing, touching, kissing, fondling, or otherwise using your wily ways on her right now.  If it is late evening, then the only way you’re going to get to go to sleep tonight is working this out for everyone.

Now let’s just stop a minute a look at your guy-brain.  Looking back at this situation, you’re not even sure that what she’s talking really is an issue, but more like some feeling she is having or some need she is having for validation, reinforcement, or even feeling safe from all the overload she is getting from the universe.  You’re not even sure what she is talking about, but you do know ‘she is mad about something and you don’t have an answer that works!’  Also, that whatever it is, she thinks it is, it involves you and something you ‘probably’ did, and that she has ‘probably’ corrected you on this exact item several times before.

So now you are in the bottom of the 9th inning, two outs, sweat is forming on your brow, and you know playing the “flowers card” or “cooking dinner” or “giving her one of your special hugs” will just get your next pitch knocked out of the ballpark.   You’ve got only one pitch left, and knowing that the last two things you said only infuriated her more…

So here it is. Throw yourself on the man-sword-of-self-correction and say: ‘On my god, you are 100% right.  Just what was I thinking?  I don’t even know now.  How can I just get this right in my mind?  Thank you.  I love you…’

And if you’re lucky, later you might find out what the real reason she’s actually pissed off about, ‘cause you sure don’t have a clue right now…!

Written by: guyMystique - Sharing the thoughts, lives and loves of guy as he travels thru the ethereal mass called life. To see more of guyMystique's musings and articles, check out the Author's box in the right column. Contact "guy" at: guyMystique at gmail.com

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